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I freaking love The Righteous and the Wicked …

This song is just brilliant! The lyrics are one of my favorite lyrics ever written … BUT of course there are people who think this song is awful and they hate it …

I showed the lyrics to some of my friends and they were all like: “OMG! What is that guy?! A monster?? I mean does he even know what abortion means?? I mean … how can someone have a global abortion? And that verse about girl’s pretty face and something about rape … OMG … I just have no words for this song!” And I was all like: “Wow … I … I can’t even … I won’t explain it to YOU! That’s one of the best songs they’ve written!” 

I swear I don’t have words for people like that!! HE WANTS TO MAKE A CHANGE!!! And he actually lists some of the terrible things a human kind can do and how things will turn out if the world doesn’t change … Wars, rapes, pollution (which will cause the mutations and abortions because embryos won’t be able to grow) … And that we all have to do something because it can affect our own children …

"Killing your future blood
Fill her with disease
Global abortion please
That is what she needs”

Thank god we have people who think like that! I just love how Anthony always makes sure a message about making a world a better place is heard … 

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